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Write for Us | We Accept all kind of Guest Post

Do you need backlink from our site? If yes, then worry not you are at the right place. At One Tech BD, we welcome passionate writers who need to guest blogs or those that are ready to write regularly. With us, your article can be prepared by a million-plus readers every year.

Why Write For Us?

We always value high-quality work. With our large audience that is following and viewing our social platforms writing with us will promote not only your profile but also your company. Our articles are shared across all social platforms, and this gives you visibility among thousands of people. We will also link back to your website or the products.

What Articles Do We Accept as any topics Blog?

For you to write to us, your articles must be related to the following topics

  • The latest keyword news, gadget reviews, app reviews, etc.
  • The article should be 800-1000+ words and must relevant to our blog.
  • The article should be 100% unique and it will never publish any website.
  • You will get maximum 2 do-follow links

How to Submit a Guest Post:-

You send a message at: – tsobuj51@gmail.com or contact us.

Who is Eligible to Guest Post:-

We work with everyone who meets the following

  • Those who need their brands to reach many
  • Those who are ready to tell a story that our audience like to hear
  • Those who want to feed the writing enthusiasts with relevant information.

Guest Posting Rules and Tips:-

It should be understood that we do not accept any work; it must be high quality and well-researched work. To publish your content, ensure that

  • Have proper grammar and error-free
  • No affiliate or non-promotional links will be accepted
  • It is mandatory to add a free copyright images
  • The articles must be related to our topics and their categories, and they target the required audience.
  • The item must have a catchy heading and sub-headings. Must be broken into smaller heading and sub-headings.
  • Always choose the topic that is trending, and that is related to what we publish. This is important because our editors will only approve what has met our requirement.

How to Guest Post With Us?

Writing or posting with us is very simple. But before you do that you need to read us and understand what we are doing and dealing with. By doing this, you can come up with a good topic. Once you have done that, then follow the following steps

You will be given your separate author within our site

Once all these have been done, you can now directly post to our post. Ensure you have submitted a good post that meets our rules. This is important because our editors will only approve what has met our requirement. Once our editors have reviewed your work, they will give you feedback. Accepted articles will be scheduled for publishing, and you will be notified.

What Type of Guest Post Do We Prefer?

One Keyword BD seeks to provide contents of high quality to visitors. We always prefer to publish articles that are based on

  • Best suitable phone for…
  • How to…
  • The phone reviews…
  • Why phone A is…
  • Android Apps Reviews…
  • Software reviews and more, etc.

Those are some of the major areas that we prefer. However, if you don’t have a topic to write still, you can ask us one and our experts will direct you.

Note. If writing is your passion, you can become a constant contributor to One Tech BD. You only need to come up with awesome and high-quality contents that will be published. Do it as much as you can.

Reach us on One Tech BD, and we are ready to help you at any time.

Why you should submit a guest post on our website:-

Guest post is essential

How to Find Guest Post as your niche:-

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I hope you will find your desire blog to submit a guest post.